Flying Geese in Kilts Miniature Quilt

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Flying Geese in Kilts - Small Miniature Home Decor Quilt Wall Hanging or Table Topper

My own take on the classic "Flying Geese" quilt pattern.

Three rows, each with nine "geese", all heading north for the summer. Or, I suppose, you can turn it about and they'll be heading south for the winter! Each "goose" measures 1" high and 1.875" long (2.5x4.8 cm).

I used modern-day quilt-shop quality reproduction 100% cottons, hand-quilt the piece, and then finish with a double (French), binding by hand to complete a charming historic look.

The autumn look beauty measures 12" x 13.25" (30x34 cm), and "Flying Geese in Kilts" is a nicely squared-up piece and will lie flat and look lovely as a table topper.

If you prefer to have this as a wall piece, on the reverse side you will find finishing corner hanger-triangles, created with the coordinating binding fabric.

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Flying Geese in Kilts Miniature Quilt Flying Geese in Kilts Miniature Quilt Flying Geese in Kilts Miniature Quilt

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