Vintage Sheet Music Packet of 50 Die Cut Heart Punches

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Vintage Sheet Sheet Music Packet of 50 Die Cut Heart Punches

I do not like to cut into perfect books. I set my sights on books that have seen better days and can be now used to create something new and beautiful.

These books and these hearts are the exceptions. Books from my youth. Books I have had with me these 40+ years. Books I despised and despise still - books from my 16 years of taking piano. Czerny. Just that name sends shivers up my spine. Czerny.

So ... It is with great joy and gladness that I bring for your perusal ... 50 hearts punched with love from those 1949 books - Schirmer's Library of Musical Classics, Vol. 161, Czerny Op. 299, The School of Velocity. {{shudders}}

Adorned with the torturous black notes from my youth, these hearts were, each and every one, hand-punched by me.

HA! Take *that* Mr. Wasern!!

May you create beautiful and wonderful things with them! And I *will* have these musical ghosts exorcised!

You'll receive 50 hand-punched hearts, each measuring 1.5" to top to bottom x 1.875" wide (38x48 mm). I will send these to you flat, protected, and by USPS 1st Class mail.

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Vintage Sheet Music Packet of 50 Die Cut Heart Punches

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